Family tree


 Building Lasquite's Saint Bernards.

In 1997 my first Saint Benbaron's Iota By Adam had her first litter sired by Am/Can Ch Sky Meadows The Iceman which gave me Kootaney & Knight. Looking back I see Lasquite's Saints was built on three bitches and three stud dogs!

The 3 Stud dogs were: 

Am/Can Ch Sky Meadows The Iceman WPS.

Am/Aust Ch Stoan's Valiant Bart of Mica  

Am Ch New Sage Desert Mist


The three Bitches are:

Benbaron's Iota By Adam

Stoan's Nelda of Nelba

Am Ch Stoan's Quesadilla New  


I also aquired two more important Saints to add to my lines though they went back nicely in to the line I aready had these were a male:

Am Ch New Sage Lucas II Lasquite

and a bitch

Benbaron's Uppercut of Eddie

Now 2013, 16 years since Iota's first litter!! Below starting with Iota and working forwards to the present is Lasquite's Saints family tree.